My name is Shayna, and I love listening to Jpop and Kpop (Japanese and Korean pop music, respectively). In fact, even more than just listening to it, I love singing to it! I love learning the pronunciations of symbols and perfecting my language skills. It's made very easy nowadays to sing to these songs because of people who take the time to romanize lyrics, which means they write the words using the latin alphabet. So instead of reading this:


You would read this:

Kyou no bokutachi ga otonan natte shimaeba

-(Rottara Rottara by Buono!)

Cool, isn't it? Well, I figured I'd make a site where I would romanize both Korean and Japanese lyrics. I'll also be color-coding as many as I possibly can. Color-coding is when you change the color of the text on certain lines to indicate who is singing that part.

I take requests under certain circumstances.

Thank you for viewing, and please spread the word about me!